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We offer Vendor Master Data automation using 3rd generation blockchain technology. Eliminate Vendor Master inefficiencies and save up to 90% of your fixed costs.

Vendor Master Automation

  • A distributed, decentralized secure ledger where only the DB record owner (a company owning its private key) can publish a change
  • Immutable records, always provably correct
  • Quick transaction time (subsecond)
  • Easy of access by any collaborator
  • Integration to major ERP DB’s (SAP, Oracle, MS) so that changes would be distributed instantly (or after approval by customer)
  • Radical decrease in human intervention required by customer
  • Light-weight protocol, narrow-focused
  • 70%-80% direct cost reduction and up tp than 90% indirect cost reduction
  • Enterprise Blockchain Consultancy

    Ocure Analytics provides technology consultancy to plan and introduce state of the art blockchain-based technologies.

    Ocure Analytics Inc.

    Ocure Analytics is a software company and boutique management consultancy that brings you 30+ years executive experience.

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    Ocure Analytics Inc is registered in the EU.

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    Zoltan Temesvari, Founder of Ocure Analytics

    Zoltan Temesvari, Founder and CEO of Ocure Analytics

    Zoltan has an engineering degree, he has worked extensively with blue-chip companies in system implementation and performance management.